Week 15: Artist Conversation with Elia Murray

Elia Murray’s work had a lot of components to it. First off the painting of the fish was created from a poem she read. The doctor painting is from a healthcare article. She did the painting of the circus based on the seven deadly sins. She said the circus one is about finding a surface of balance on a two dimensional world. The pet portraits she painted were just for fun she stated.

Murray told me during the interview that the dolls were a result of needle felting. This summer, Murray wants to start a job where she wants to sell her own artwork. She said she does paintings of animals, so if you want to get your pet a portrait she the person to go to. Murray stated she started taking art seriously in High School. She said she was born into the art world. Her dad was an illustrator and her mom was an artist. She said she wanted to become an English major during the start of college but her mom forced her into art. She said she has no regret about it though.

Currently, she’s writing a book called Bear In The Snow. She said the title is temporary. She wants to be a character designer. She said she hopes to land an internship on character fabrication for Stoopid Buddies studies in LA. They are the studios who created Robot Chicken. I hope she gets it! I really enjoyed interviewing Elia Murray. I wish her the best of luck!

IMG_8536 IMG_8537 IMG_8538


Week 15: Student Conversation with Amanda Bjornstad

Amanda Bjornstad is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. She was a chemistry major but she’s a nursing major. She switched because she doesn’t like lab work and she prefers people and kids, so she wants to be a pediatric nurse. Her goal is to try and graduate within 4 years.

Amanda is from Villa Park in Orange County. She commutes to come to school. She went to Villa Park High School. She has one younger sister and a pet dog they’ve had for 8 years. Amanda turns 19 years old on October 18th. Her hobbies include gymnastics, going to the gym to do cardio, and shopping with her friends. Over the summer she plans to take summer courses in order to graduate in time.

Amanda stated that she might go to Colorado and Palms springs with her family. She said it mostly likely will be a road trip. I enjoyed talking to Amanda she was very funny and interesting to talk to. I wish her the best of luck in all goals!


Week 14: Artist Conversation with Elaine Kwak

This week, I had the pleasure to interview Elaine Kwak. Elaine’s artwork is based on nature and she explained how nature plays an important role in her artwork. Kwak emphasized that nature is what inspires her artwork because she grew up around it. She said her family really enjoys nature as well. Her painting was vibrant and had many different colors to them. She explained that she tries to use as many paintings as she can for her work.

One thing that I took note if is that Elaine sells her artwork. Throughout the whole semester I never heard a artist say that they are selling their artwork. I thought that was good that she is getting paid forger creative work. Currently, she is looking for paid internships and wants to land on a paid one. She is also preparing a portfolio of her artwork. She told us that she believes we should travel and see the world. Elaine wishes to work in a museum or working under other artists.

She seemed really happy to do what she was doing. I wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors. I hope she continues painting incredible pictures!

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Week 14: Student Conversation with Sierra Putman

Sierra Putman is a first year at Cal State Long Beach. She is a film major. She’s from Sacramento but moved to Long Beach to live with her sister. She lives right across the street from the university. She chose to major in film because her high school had a good film program that she participated in. She decided to continue to pursue film in college after she made a documentary.

Her hobbies include swimming, soccer, singing, and she’s also in a sorority called Alpha Phi. An interesting fact about Sierra is that her high school chose her to go to New york to film her school’s band. She said that the trip was really exciting and that she loved New York, but she could never live there. I asked Sierra if she has ever left the country and she told me that for her senior trip she went to Europe. She also went to Mexico to do a missions trip to help children in need.

I really enjoyed having a conversation with Sierra. She is a really interesting and caring person from what I gathered. I asked her if she liked So Cal better than Northern California and she said she likes So Cal better. I never been to Northern California, but Sierra said I would enjoy because it’s a different scenery.


Week 13: Extra Credit

For my final extra credit activity I did Taneshia Warren’s: How to draw Mickey’s face procedure. The reason I did this activity is because I like Disney characters and I love watching Disney movies so I figured this activity would be a good one to do. I followed Taneshia’s steps precisely because I am a horrible drawer. I made a lot of mistakes throughout the process but I kept on doing it until I was okay with the drawing I got. Her steps really did help out. I wanted my Mickey Mouse face to look like her’s but I could not do it. However I did do my best though! I enjoyed doing Mickey’s face that was actually my first time doing it.

IMG_8508 IMG_8509

Week 13: Extra Credit

For the third extra credit I did Jasmine Barnum text message poetry. I wanted to do this one because I was curious to see what text message line would come up after I did Jasmine’s Procedure. After I did the procedure and read the third word from my text messages from the last ten people I got it from this came up: You home have did it’s time bro that’s doing. The words that came out did not make sense then I rearranged it and I got this: You have it’s home brother that’s doing time have did. I tried to make it make as much sense as possible and that’s the best I got. I thought it was fun trying to scramble words together and tried to make the words flow. I think this algorithmic activity makes you think which is good!

Week 13: Extra Credit

For the second extra credit activity I decided to do musical drawing by my classmate Christian Posada. This one caught my attention because I love music. I listened to one of my favorite songs by an artist called the Weeknd. It’s a slow song called “Earned it” I followed Christian’s procedure and I never did musical drawing before. I actually never heard of it until I did this activity. I thought this activity was fun because it involved music and I love music, so this wasn’t difficult to do. This picture was the result of following the procedure.