Meeting Maccabee Shelley


This is my favorite creation from Maccabee Shelley. The reason why I like it his art is because its different and I found it interesting how he managed to get glass to take the shape, form, and color. He also told us that Ceramics and glass are dangerous because the glass could be radioactive while crafting it. I found that fact interesting because even though it’s dangerous he still wants to continue his art. In addition he told us it was his studies in biology that inspired him to take the art route. He explained to us that if he managed to get a glass creation of a pink color it makes him happy because pink is his favorite color. During the interview he told us that he tries not to work so cautiously because he doesn’t want to limit himself. I am glad to have met him and his art work. All of his art was creative and unique. I respect his art and cannot wait to see what he comes up with next!


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