This week’s conversation: Lahya Wood

Lahya is a Pre Human Development Major, who plans to be a school teacher. She is currently working at YMCA teaching 1st first graders. She stated that it’s bittersweet because there so fun to work with but they’re very needy and need a lot of extra attention. She might work with older grades. Lahya is interested in sports, good music, good people, and good food.

Lahya mentioned that she enjoys CSULB just as I do. She plans to graduate from here and pursue her teaching career. Lahya currently enjoys Art 110 and the professor. She and I both noticed that the teacher engages a lot with the students. Lahya and I agree that this is a plus and keeps the class alert and awake (ha ha).

A few other interesting things about Lahya is that she enjoys fashion. She decorates some of her shoes and clothes with fabric to make them stand out. She also used to sell some of her fashion pieces in high school. Overall Lahya is nice and creative and also has a few common interest as me.



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