Week 3: Interview with Josh Benz

This week I had the honor to meet Josh Benz and his creative painting portraits. I really enjoyed Josh’s paintings because they were funny and original. During the interview I asked him when did he start to paint and he told me he began in high school. Josh emphasized that he did not take painting seriously until he entered junior college. Josh was really interesting to interview because of his laid back demeanor.

In addition, he wanted to do animation but he realized his paintings were not really for that purpose so he decided not to pursue animation. Josh creations were different from the creations I saw last week which stood out to me. He said he likes for his paintings to be funny and interesting and definitely were special!

I enjoyed getting to talk to Josh and I hope he continues his work. A lot of artists put in work towards their paintings to make it special. I see this with Josh and I wish him the best of luck with all his work!



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