Making a new friend: Matthew Arrivas

For this week’s art activity we had to go out of our comfort zone and do something we normally don’t do. In this case I decided to go talk to someone I don’t know at all. I like to consider myself a private person and I don’t really feel comfortable talking to people I do not know. So for this week’s activity I challenged myself to do so.

I met Matthew at the gym, I usually see him lifting so I asked him on some advice on my bench press and he gladly helped. After awhile we just ended up working out together and turns out he is in one of my lecture hall classes. That class is challenging and I am glad I met someone who is taking it. Now we can work together on the homework.

I’m glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone because if I didn’t I would not have met Matthew and I would have never known he was in my class. So it just benefited me overall to be more open with people. I enjoyed this week’s activity it pushed  me out of my corner.



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