Week 5: Interview with Angelica Palad

This week, I met and interviewed Angelica Palad. However, she prefers to be called Lyca, a name her family called her ever since she was little. This is Lyca’s first year at Cal State Long Beach as a Nutrition and Dietetic major. She’s interested in the science of nutrition because she believes that food and a balanced lifestyle has a high impact on our overall health and abilities. She’s hoping to become a Registered Dietitian one day and also travel the world to study in her field to further expand her knowledge about nutrition. She’s also really interested with getting fit, so she uses the rec center on campus very often and also runs around the campus. One of her goals is to be able to run a full marathon.

Not only is this her first year in college, but it is also her first time experiencing and living in So. Cal. Lyca is from a small city called Porterville located in the Central Valley. Even though her hometown is a more agricultural area and she’s not used to the city life, Lyca is still enjoying it here. Especially since she lives on campus at the Parkside dorms, she says she’s been meeting so many new people and learning about their diverse backgrounds. Lyca loves being exposed to these new things because she’s interested in what the world has to offer. it also let’s her know what she’s been missing out on. She hopes to actually go to other countries and fully experience the new things she’s been hearing about.
It was great meeting Lyca at the art galleries this week, and I hope she is able to accomplish her goals.

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