Week 5: Interview with Diane Franco

When I first saw Diane’s paintings, it was the bright colors that attracted me to them. I really liked it Diane’s work was different from the work I have seen the past couple of weeks. I honestly could not make out what her paintings were but I still found them intriguing. I had to read her statement in order to get a general idea of what her paintings stood for. Her statement said her paintings were the flow of energy, constant change.

When I had my conversation with Diane, she said that she always had appreciation for art as long as she could remember. She stated to me that she started drawing when she was young but did not take her art seriously until she was twenty. At the age of twenty she started to take her paintings to a new level.

Diane said the reason why she uses so many vibrant colors in her work is because they make her feel good. Overall, I enjoyed Diane’s work and my interview with her she seems very nice and I am glad she uses such nice colors to express her feelings. I hope she continues to paint great paintings like the one I saw.



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