Week 5: Kick Starters



I choose these two kickstarters from the food category. They both talk about gardening and the benefit we can get from it. In the first kickstarter “Turning Yards into Gardens and Neighborhoods into Communities” discusses how so many people spend so much money in taking care of their yards. This kickstarter is trying to say why should we spend so much money on lawns when we can put the money to better use and make gardens.

According to their article, “Americans spend over $30 billion every year to maintain over 40 million acres of lawn. Yet over 40 million people live below the poverty level. Even if only ⅓ of every lawn was converted to a food-producing garden, we could eliminate hunger in this country”. Overall, we can use our lawns for good use and try to eliminate famine. They are a lot of people who do starve in this country and I support this kickstarter because it’s beneficial to us all. For the other kickstarter called “Bring the Garden back to Garden City” wants to transform an old costume shop into a garden. According to the article, “[They] wish to transform this small acre of concrete jungle back into a center of gardening and community. Your support of our Kickstarter will make that happen. The amount we are asking for is easily $15,000 short of what it actually cost, but we can at least get started with the amount we are asking for.” Overall both kickstarters try to target their communities and explain the benefit of gardening.

These two kick starters are from the technology section and they are different but their ideas attracted me to write about it. The first technology kickstarter called “Glow: the first headphones with laser light is the world’s first glowing headphones with lasers. According to the company, “Glow is working with Google, Android, Corning, and Knowles to create the ultimate pairing of utility, sound, and expression”. I thought this kickstarter idea was a simple, but yet very creative idea. There is also buttons on the headphones that control media apps, phone calls, texts, and camera on your phone.

The second kickstarter is my favorite one overall it is called the “Qmote: The Water Resistant Internet Remote for Smartphones” Qmote lets you control your smart phone even when it is out of your reach. Qmote is a multifunctional, single-button remote. Using predefined click patterns to control functions on your smartphone, all kinds of actions are available at the simple click of a button. I think this a great idea especially when people are driving they can just use their Qmote to answer phone with a press of a button. Both kickkstarters are different but they are similar in a way because they are targeting what people need and like nowadays.


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