Week 6: Meeting Emily Babette

This week’s interview was with Emily Babette. Emily’s emphasized that she is interested in music subculture. Most of all her paintings are black, white, and gray. In addition to this all of her paintings are of actual people. Her paintings of the actual people have a twist to it as she adds more creativity to it.

She stated that she started taking painting more seriously two years ago. During the interview, I asked Emily if her major has always been art and she told me it has. I ask this question every week now when I interview an artist because sometimes they tell me they always weren’t an art major.  Emily also emphasized that she always preps her work before starting which includes making sure her pencils are sharp enough for the board.

I enjoyed talking to Emily and seeing her great paintings.  I hope she continues to paint with actual people because I like art in that manner. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.



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