Week 7: Artist Interview with Francis Salazar

For this week’s interview I got the pleasure to speak to Francis Salazar. Francis’ work was different from the pieces I’ve seen the other weeks. Her work consists of sculptural pieces made from metal. She told me that her work is either based on sculptural or jewelry type designs. She started her pieces two and a half years ago. Her work all starts out with a flat sheet of metal. During the interview she states that it involves a lot of hammering, sketching, and fire.

The first picture I took was a sculptured piece of metal designed into a telescope. Francis said it symbolizes her travels and the places she’s been. She said she’s been mostly in the states which include Florida and Las Vegas. The second picture by her holding a cup of tea. Also in the second picture consists of a bird is watching over her eggs. She explained that the bird was just an idea that she had and it wasn’t inspired by anything.

It was fun seeing Francis’ work this week. It was different to see actual sculptured metals and jewelry. At the end of the interview she stated she wants to start her own business in jewelry design. I hope she goes far because she has really amazing work.




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