Week 7 Activity: Self Portrait

For this week’s activity we had to do a self portrait with an emphasis of our deaths. To be honest I’m do not play with certain situations like this because I don’t think anyone should mimic death unless it’s there job. However. for this week’s activity I took a picture of me lying on bed wearing all white.

The reason why I wore all white is because I am muslim and when muslims die they are buried in all white. Its a sign of purification since the color white symbolizes purity. So I decided to take that route for this activity. I took the picture with me wearing all white on my bed serving as the casket. I pray I live a long life and don’t wear all white anytime soon. I took the picture in my bed to symbolize I “died” peacefully in my sleep.

In addition, another part to this activity was to see the printing process. I thought it was interesting place and had cool object however it was empty when I arrived to it. I managed to take a couple of pictures of it.

IMG_8304 img_6453 img_0957


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