Week 8: Artist Interview with Laura Scattergood

This week I had the pleasure to interview Laura and ask her questions about her creative representations. The picture I took below is a symbolism of violence and it shows how we are fearful in our lives. Laura explained that it targets our generation because she feels things have changed for the worst over the years. Laura stated that things are getting more violent in our generation.

During the interview, she says she wants everyone to enjoy their childhood because nowadays everyone is so fearful from what society has created. She said her piece represents the shooting from Santa Monica College, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas. Laura used to attend Santa Monica College so this piece was important to her. She’s graduating this semester and her major is fiber. Laura’s first major was psychology but later changed it because she was not in love with the idea of it. She told us during the interview to make sure we do what we love. After graduation she plans on going into textile design. She said she wants to find an internship here in Los Angeles so she doesn’t have to move. I asked her if she had any hobbies, but she stated she doesn’t because art school takes up all her time

I enjoyed looking at Laura’s work it was intriguing. I also took from her the sense of how things are getting more violent and how that limits us. She’s right we should be able to enjoy our lives without fear!



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