Week 8: Remix Culture

For this week’s activity we had to remix anything we wanted to. I decided to remix images. I remixed the the picture of the Mona Lisa with my own. I always wanted to take the famous Mona Lisa portrait and photoshop it to have my own picture combined with hers just for fun. This week’s activity gave me the opportunity to do that!

I took the picture when I just finished cutting my hair and replaced my head with hers. I took it was pretty creative and fun to do. I thought this was a interesting way to express yourself too. I always wanted to be great and the Mona Lisa is so why not just take my head and place it on her.  The license I added to my about page is the free culture license. I am giving access to the public to see my blog and view my posts. It really does not bother me at all.

I believe the internet can be dangerous, but everyday we have to make a choice. There is such a thing called cyber bullying and people take advantage of others through it. Copyrights are important because it protects whatever important creation you made.



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