Week 9: Art Work of the Week

This week I did not get the chance to interview the artist who was responsible for the unique display of patterns on the wall. The artist name is Lesley Nishigawara. I did not understand her art work, so I read her statement on the wall to get a better idea of it. Her statement stated that she is interested in how information is revealed through systems and the resulting patterns they make. The picture I was interested in is a result of the information patterns.

She states in the article, that she fuses together arrangements that evolve in her built environment which for examples could be the mountains in Japan. From this statement I am guessing she takes her surroundings and creates it into vivid patterns. She said her process includes a series of iterations, manipulations and reversal of positive and negative space. The end result of all of this creates something.

Though I did not get to meet the Lesley Nishigawara in person, her artwork was very appealing. I hope I do get to meet her and ask her more questions about her work. I hope she continues to paint many creative patterns such as the ones below.

IMG_8336 IMG_8348


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