Week 10: Student Choice

For this week, we had the choice to do our own activity. I was not in school this week because of my big brother’s wedding, so I decided to do this week’s activity on the wedding. My brother got married on March 26th. My whole family flew out to Arkansas because that’s where his fiancee is from. This was my first time in Arkansas and the lifestyle over there is different from the one in California.

During my time in Arkansas, I noticed the people were very friendly and embraced the term “southern hospitality”. I had the pleasure to meet my sister in law’s family and they were very welcoming. Getting to meet all of them made me feel that I had a new family. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and my other brother and I were groomsmen. After the wedding we all went out to eat and to toast to the new husband and wife.

I am glad I was a part of my brother’s wedding ceremony. Even though I had to miss a week of school, I believe this wedding was worth the trouble because it is not everyday that your brother gets married. I wish him a very happy and successful marriage.

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