Week 11: Student Conversation with Anthony Gonzalez

This week I did two student conversations since I was in Arkansas for my brother’s wedding the other week. Anthony Gonzalez is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and just like me he is a business major. He currently is majoring in Business Management. It was really interesting talking to Anthony because I liked how he was passionate about his dreams and aspirations. He wants to open and run his own boxing gym for children who struggle with obesity.

He explained to me that he might want to manage in Finance because he said it would probably be easier to run his gym from that aspect. During our conversation he also gave me advice about internships since we are both business majors. He was very helpful and giving me resources that could help me land an internship in Long Beach. Anthony was born and raised in Long Beach and went to Wilson High School. He started fighting his senior year of High School.

I have actually seen him spar at the gym a couple times. He even helped me out with my technique. I hope he accomplishes everything he wishes in life!



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