Week 11: Artist Conversation with Patricia Rangel

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing an artist with a unique talent of representing symbolism. Patricia Rangel bases her art work on personal matters such as the town she comes from. She comes from Dinuba, CA which is around the Fresno area. She stated that the town does a lot of agriculture. She also based her art on a cemetery she visited frequently. I related to her work of the cemetery because I too have lost someone I cared about and it’s good to find a way to channel your emotions.

During the interview, she explained that all her art work took a good amount of time to set up. Rangel also stated that she has  been doing this for over a year. She is currently working on her MFA in metals. She already completed her BFA in fibers from Cal State Long Beach.

I asked Rangel what would she like to do when she finishes school and she replied that she had many dreams. Overall, She said her biggest dream was to own her own art studio someday. I hope she continues to strive for excellence in all her future endeavors!

IMG_8428 IMG_8427 IMG_8426


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