Week 12: Classmate Conversation with Veronica Meza

Veronica Meza is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She’s a sociology major. She plans to use her sociology major in order to get into the field of expressive therapy. Expressive therapy involves work such as art paintings and other drawing tactics. Veronica was born and raised in Long Beach. She went to Poly High School.

Her hobbies include belly dancing, drawing, and mixed martial arts. MMA is her most recent hobby and she says she enjoys it a  lot to relieve stress. She does MMA fighting at a club in Long Beach called Long Beach Fight Club. She has a part time job as a nanny. Veronica and I were in summer school together a couple of years ago, however we never had the chance to talk to one another. I am glad we got to know each other a little.

At the end of our conversation, I asked Veronica where would she travel in the world if she had the option. She replied that she would want to go to Thailand and Spain. She said she always wanted to visit Asia and that seemed like a good place to start. I wish Veronica the best of luck in all her goals.



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