Week 12: Extra Credit

For this week’s extra credit we had the option to explain which were are three favorite activities and which were the least favorite. My favorite actives in this class were the Social Photography, Yarn Bombing, and Student Choice. I liked the Social Photography project because we use social media like Instagram every day, so I enjoyed using it to help me towards my grade. The Yarn Bombing was great as well because I just took my old t-shirt and used it for something artistic which was very fun. The last one which was the Student Choice was a good activity because I managed to do it on my brother wedding which was a really great event and convenient for an art project.

My three least favorite activities were the Graffiti Writing, Portrait Photography, and the Plaster Casting. I did not like the Graffiti Writing project because I had to get the spray cans for it and I live in the dorms so it’s hard to find an ideal place for it. The Portrait Photography one did not suit me because I do not like playing dead cause of religious reasons. I am not a big beach fan so that is why I did not want to do this activity. Also I did not have the materials necessary for it to do so.

Overall, I do enjoy this class very much because it allows you to interact with people. It helps you to expand your network. I am happy that every Thursday we do a student conversation because it is always good to meet new people cause you just never know in life what could happen if you knew the right people.


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