Week 12: Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity we had to create a step by step procedure of something we wanted to do. I decided to do the procedure on one of my favorite dances. The dance I decided to explain for this week’s project is called The Dougie. The Dougie is a common hip hop dance that is very popular in today’s generation.

These are the steps to perform The Dougie: 1. Get the song by Cali Swag District, 2. Start with the side to side move. Begin swaying back and forth, starting with the right. 3. Sway right and Sway left. 4. Add some arm movement when you feel like you got the rhythm down.  It’s a very simple and easy dance to do!

I hope you fun doing The Dougie with your friends at a future party. I posted of video link of my friend’s doing it so you could get a better picture. Remember just have fun while doing it!


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