Week 13: Classmate Conversation with Alayna Grapel

This week I interviewed Alayna Grapel who is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She was a dance major, but decided to change her major to liberal studies. I asked her what changed her mind to switch and she responded that she wanted to become a elementary or special ed teacher.

During her free time, she loves to go hiking, going to the beach and hanging out with her sorority sisters. She said that she loves nature and never wants to miss an opportunity to go explore it. One thing we both had in common is that we both have families that reside in New York. Her older brother lives near the capital of the state which is Albany. I asked her if she has ever been out of this country and she replied that she has only visited Canada for a family trip.

I really enjoyed talking to Alayna. She came off as really nice and easy to have a conversation with. At the end I asked her where would she like to go in the world if she had the option and she said Europe. She wants to back pack through Europe when she has the money to. I wish her the best of luck in all her goals



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