Week 14: Artist Conversation with Elaine Kwak

This week, I had the pleasure to interview Elaine Kwak. Elaine’s artwork is based on nature and she explained how nature plays an important role in her artwork. Kwak emphasized that nature is what inspires her artwork because she grew up around it. She said her family really enjoys nature as well. Her painting was vibrant and had many different colors to them. She explained that she tries to use as many paintings as she can for her work.

One thing that I took note if is that Elaine sells her artwork. Throughout the whole semester I never heard a artist say that they are selling their artwork. I thought that was good that she is getting paid forger creative work. Currently, she is looking for paid internships and wants to land on a paid one. She is also preparing a portfolio of her artwork. She told us that she believes we should travel and see the world. Elaine wishes to work in a museum or working under other artists.

She seemed really happy to do what she was doing. I wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors. I hope she continues painting incredible pictures!

IMG_8523 IMG_8520 IMG_8519


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