Week 14: Student Conversation with Sierra Putman

Sierra Putman is a first year at Cal State Long Beach. She is a film major. She’s from Sacramento but moved to Long Beach to live with her sister. She lives right across the street from the university. She chose to major in film because her high school had a good film program that she participated in. She decided to continue to pursue film in college after she made a documentary.

Her hobbies include swimming, soccer, singing, and she’s also in a sorority called Alpha Phi. An interesting fact about Sierra is that her high school chose her to go to New york to film her school’s band. She said that the trip was really exciting and that she loved New York, but she could never live there. I asked Sierra if she has ever left the country and she told me that for her senior trip she went to Europe. She also went to Mexico to do a missions trip to help children in need.

I really enjoyed having a conversation with Sierra. She is a really interesting and caring person from what I gathered. I asked her if she liked So Cal better than Northern California and she said she likes So Cal better. I never been to Northern California, but Sierra said I would enjoy because it’s a different scenery.



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