Week 15: Artist Conversation with Elia Murray

Elia Murray’s work had a lot of components to it. First off the painting of the fish was created from a poem she read. The doctor painting is from a healthcare article. She did the painting of the circus based on the seven deadly sins. She said the circus one is about finding a surface of balance on a two dimensional world. The pet portraits she painted were just for fun she stated.

Murray told me during the interview that the dolls were a result of needle felting. This summer, Murray wants to start a job where she wants to sell her own artwork. She said she does paintings of animals, so if you want to get your pet a portrait she the person to go to. Murray stated she started taking art seriously in High School. She said she was born into the art world. Her dad was an illustrator and her mom was an artist. She said she wanted to become an English major during the start of college but her mom forced her into art. She said she has no regret about it though.

Currently, she’s writing a book called Bear In The Snow. She said the title is temporary. She wants to be a character designer. She said she hopes to land an internship on character fabrication for Stoopid Buddies studies in LA. They are the studios who created Robot Chicken. I hope she gets it! I really enjoyed interviewing Elia Murray. I wish her the best of luck!

IMG_8536 IMG_8537 IMG_8538


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