Week 15: Student Conversation with Amanda Bjornstad

Amanda Bjornstad is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. She was a chemistry major but she’s a nursing major. She switched because she doesn’t like lab work and she prefers people and kids, so she wants to be a pediatric nurse. Her goal is to try and graduate within 4 years.

Amanda is from Villa Park in Orange County. She commutes to come to school. She went to Villa Park High School. She has one younger sister and a pet dog they’ve had for 8 years. Amanda turns 19 years old on October 18th. Her hobbies include gymnastics, going to the gym to do cardio, and shopping with her friends. Over the summer she plans to take summer courses in order to graduate in time.

Amanda stated that she might go to Colorado and Palms springs with her family. She said it mostly likely will be a road trip. I enjoyed talking to Amanda she was very funny and interesting to talk to. I wish her the best of luck in all goals!



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