Week 13: Extra Credit

For first extra credit procedure I decided to do how to draw Cristian Park Stye! I thought his activity was pretty interesting to say the least. His first step is getting a blank sheet of paper. The second step involved just drawing a shape or anything you wanted on the center of the paper. The other steps include walking around with the paper and giving it to people to add on to it. I liked Park’s Algorithmic Art activity cause it lets you see how creative people are. I also thought it was funny because everyone kept asking me what should they draw. I found this activity to be social too which made me want to do it.

IMG_8505 IMG_8504 IMG_8503 IMG_8502






Week 13: Artist Interview with Shihori Nakayama

This week I had the pleasure to interview a very talented artist named Shihori Nakayama. Nakayama is originally from northern Japan. She lived there until she was 12 years old. She stated that she has been doing art for as long as she can remember. That point was interesting to me because I have not got that answer yet this semester.

During the interview she explained that her art was based on memories and people she loves. Everything that people saw in her art on Thursday were drawings of people and animals she knew. They were not random which made me more interested in her work. Nakayama stated that her work took her 4 months to finish. She said she gets inspiration from her home which is Japan to help make her art. For example, the cows on the picture represent where she grew up. Currently, she is a grad student. When she finishes she said she wants to freelance.

I enjoyed talking to Shihori she seems very passionate about her art. I am glad she was one of the artists I interviewed this week. I wish her good luck on all her endeavors!

IMG_8495 IMG_8494 IMG_8493

Week 13: Classmate Conversation with Alayna Grapel

This week I interviewed Alayna Grapel who is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She was a dance major, but decided to change her major to liberal studies. I asked her what changed her mind to switch and she responded that she wanted to become a elementary or special ed teacher.

During her free time, she loves to go hiking, going to the beach and hanging out with her sorority sisters. She said that she loves nature and never wants to miss an opportunity to go explore it. One thing we both had in common is that we both have families that reside in New York. Her older brother lives near the capital of the state which is Albany. I asked her if she has ever been out of this country and she replied that she has only visited Canada for a family trip.

I really enjoyed talking to Alayna. She came off as really nice and easy to have a conversation with. At the end I asked her where would she like to go in the world if she had the option and she said Europe. She wants to back pack through Europe when she has the money to. I wish her the best of luck in all her goals


Week 12: Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity we had to create a step by step procedure of something we wanted to do. I decided to do the procedure on one of my favorite dances. The dance I decided to explain for this week’s project is called The Dougie. The Dougie is a common hip hop dance that is very popular in today’s generation.

These are the steps to perform The Dougie: 1. Get the song by Cali Swag District, 2. Start with the side to side move. Begin swaying back and forth, starting with the right. 3. Sway right and Sway left. 4. Add some arm movement when you feel like you got the rhythm down.  It’s a very simple and easy dance to do!

I hope you fun doing The Dougie with your friends at a future party. I posted of video link of my friend’s doing it so you could get a better picture. Remember just have fun while doing it!

Week 12: Extra Credit

For this week’s extra credit we had the option to explain which were are three favorite activities and which were the least favorite. My favorite actives in this class were the Social Photography, Yarn Bombing, and Student Choice. I liked the Social Photography project because we use social media like Instagram every day, so I enjoyed using it to help me towards my grade. The Yarn Bombing was great as well because I just took my old t-shirt and used it for something artistic which was very fun. The last one which was the Student Choice was a good activity because I managed to do it on my brother wedding which was a really great event and convenient for an art project.

My three least favorite activities were the Graffiti Writing, Portrait Photography, and the Plaster Casting. I did not like the Graffiti Writing project because I had to get the spray cans for it and I live in the dorms so it’s hard to find an ideal place for it. The Portrait Photography one did not suit me because I do not like playing dead cause of religious reasons. I am not a big beach fan so that is why I did not want to do this activity. Also I did not have the materials necessary for it to do so.

Overall, I do enjoy this class very much because it allows you to interact with people. It helps you to expand your network. I am happy that every Thursday we do a student conversation because it is always good to meet new people cause you just never know in life what could happen if you knew the right people.

Week 12: Artist Conversation with Katherine Cox

This week I interviewed Katherine Cox for the artist interview. Katherine Cox’s work consists of mainly decorative work. The work which was on display this week was mainly created by ceramic work made into great vases. It took a semester for her to prepare the work. All her vases have a nice creative light blue coloring on them.

She is currently an undergrad and pictures below were for her BFA show. According to Cox her work was inspired by traditional aspects. The work displayed was from Asian traditions, but not all her work is inspired by asian traditions. I really like how she used her ceramics skills to create the vases and teapots. Shen stated that the process of making the vases takes time and said she starts by taking mental notes of how she wants the vase or teapot to look.

I enjoyed to Katherine Cox and I enjoyed seeing her creative ceramic works. I asked her what she wanted to do when she finished school and she stated that she wanted to keep making art. She said she loves it and she wanted to continue doing what makes her happy. I wish her the best of luck in all she does!

IMG_8483 IMG_8482 IMG_8481

Week 12: Classmate Conversation with Veronica Meza

Veronica Meza is a second year at Cal State Long Beach. She’s a sociology major. She plans to use her sociology major in order to get into the field of expressive therapy. Expressive therapy involves work such as art paintings and other drawing tactics. Veronica was born and raised in Long Beach. She went to Poly High School.

Her hobbies include belly dancing, drawing, and mixed martial arts. MMA is her most recent hobby and she says she enjoys it a  lot to relieve stress. She does MMA fighting at a club in Long Beach called Long Beach Fight Club. She has a part time job as a nanny. Veronica and I were in summer school together a couple of years ago, however we never had the chance to talk to one another. I am glad we got to know each other a little.

At the end of our conversation, I asked Veronica where would she travel in the world if she had the option. She replied that she would want to go to Thailand and Spain. She said she always wanted to visit Asia and that seemed like a good place to start. I wish Veronica the best of luck in all her goals.